Types of Hydraulic Valves
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Types of Hydraulic Valves

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Hydraulic Valves Description:

There are nearly as many types of hydraulic valves as there are ways to actuate them. You have solenoid valves, flow control valves and pressure control valves as the three primary groups of valves. 

1.Solenoid valves can be poppets or spool valves.

2.Flow control valves can be hydrostats or simply needle valves, and can be used to meter-in or meter-out fluid.

3.Pressure control valves are the most varied of the three primary types. 

Hydraulic Valves open and close, just as other valves, but these are more dynamic, with linear rise and fall of performance, based on the pressure acting upon them. Most pressure valvesare normally closed, meaning that it takes a rise in pressure to open them. However, the pressure-reducing valve is the only one that closes when pressure rises above a set point.

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