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Series M350

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Series: Series M350

Brand: fucheng

Place of Origin: Jinan, China

◇ 6 TO 78 gpm @ 2000 rpm

◇ Pressures to 3500 psi

◇ Speeds to 3000 rpm

◇ Choice of mountings


Model Code

Model Code


General Information

Model 330, 350 and 365 pumps and motors are external spur gear, fixed displacement units designed for con

tinuous operation at pressures up to 3500 psi. They combine a practical high pressure capability with the economy and durability of gear equipment.

High Efficiency

Advances in thrust plate designs and seal material contribute to pump volu metric efficiency as high as 95% of

theoretical, even with fluid viscosity as low as 50 SUS. Longer gear journals present a large effective area to the

sleeve bearings and provide excel lent load distribution. Internal pas sages supply a constant flow of lubri cation from the pump’s inlet to all bearing surfaces. This ensures a film of clean, cool oil on all moving parts at all times. These features greatly extend service life.

Heavy-duty Construction

Housings are made from cast iron for durability and strength. Units are available in single and multiple assemblies. The drive gears and shafts are machined from a one-piece forging to provide maximum strength. Gear teeth and journals are carburized and ground to a precision finish. Cast-bronze thrust plates are pres sure loaded and are designed to provide minimum clearance at the ends of the gears for outstanding efficiency.


Standard SAE B 2- and 4- bolt (ANSI 101-2, 101-4) and SAE C 2- and 4- (ANSI 127-2, 127-4) flange mountings are available. Shaft end covers can have a single or twin shaft seal. A tapped drain hole is provided when twin seals are specified.


Pumps can be assembled for either CCW or CW rotation. Motors are bi directional.


Direct drives are recommended. Radial loads are permissible with an optional outboard bearing but are subject to approval by Commercial. Contact our sales representatives for details.

Optional Assemblies

For those applications where it is nec essary to provide a braking effect to the drive unit, we offer built-in crossover relief protection. These motors save plumbing and simplify installations.

Performance Data

Performance data shown are the average results based on a series of laboratory tests of production units and are not nec essarily representative of any one unit. Tests were run with the oil reservoir temperature at 120°F. Requests for more specific data should be directed to our sales representatives. Performance data for pumps and motors having other gear widths can be approximated by multiplying values in tables below by actual gear width.