Series 42 Hydraulic Pumps
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Series 42 Hydraulic Pumps

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Series: Series 42 Pumps

Brand: fucheng

Place of Origin: Jinan, China

Speed limits

Rated speed is the speed limit we recommend at full power condition and is the highest value at which you can expect normal life.

Maximum speed is the highest operating speed we permit. You cannot operate above this speed without risk of immediate failure and loss of drive line power and hydrostatic braking capacity (which may create a hazard). In mobile applications, you must apply this pump with a speed speed below the stated maximum. Consult BLN-9884, Pressure and Speed Limits, when determining speed limits for a particular application.

Inlet pressure

Control charge pump inlet conditions to achieve expected life and performance. Ensure a continuous inlet pressure of not less than 0.8 bar absolute (not more than 6 in Hg vacuum). Normal pressures less than 0.7 bar absolute (greater than 9 in Hg vacuum) indicate inadequate inlet design or a restricted filter. Pressures less than 0.7 bar absolute (greater than 9 in Hg vac) during cold start are possible, but should improve quickly as the fluid warms. Never exceed the maximum inlet vacuum.

Theoretical output

The theoretical maximum flow at rated speed is a simple function of pump displacement and speed. This is a good gauge for sizing a companion motor. This does not take into account losses due to leakage or variations in displacement.

Model Code

Model Code