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  • What Is A Mounting Flange


    As a Mounting Flange Manufacturer, share with you. A mounting flange is a metal threaded ring with several holes on the perimeter which are used to secure the flange to a lens board. It is permanently attached to the front of a lens board with screws. Flanges are frequently missing from their lenses. Read More

  • What type of hydraulic motor is generally most efficient


    Radial piston motors are extremely efficient and rated for relatively high torque. In many USACE sector gate drives radial piston hydraulic motors are used. The hydraulic motor shown in Fig is a radial piston type and provides a torque of 260 Nm/bar. Read More

  • What Is Hydraulic Tank


    As a hydraulic tank Manufacturer, share with you. The hydraulic reservoir is a container for holding the fluid required to supply the system, including a reserve to cover any losses from minor leakage and evaporation. The reservoir can be designed to provide space for fluid expansion, permit air entrained in the fluid to escape, and to help cool the fluid. Read More

  • What Is Pilot Pump


    As a pilot pump Manufacturer, share with you. A smaller pump in a pilot pump function is used as a supplemental pump in booster applications. Its purpose is to take over in low consumption periods and thus contribute to lower the energy consumption of the booster as a whole. Read More

  • Cylinder Tube / Cylinder Barrel Manufacturer


    As a Cylinder Tube / Cylinder Barrel Manufacturer, share with you. The cylinder tube (or barrel) is made of steel; usually carbon steel. There are a range of different steels available in terms of strength, with higher pressures requiring stronger steels and thicker cylinder walls. In places where it cannot be painted (such as food preparation areas) it would be made of stainless steel to avoid it being prone to corrosion. The cylinder barrel can be coated in a variety of paint or coatings, with company logos often displayed here. Read More

  • What Type Of Hydraulic Pump Is Most Efficient


    As a Hydraulic Pump Manufacturer, share with you. A piston pump, especially a high-quality one, can be 95% efficient at converting input energy into hydraulic energy. Not only does this pump provide 27% more available hydraulic energy than our old gear pump, it creates 80% less waste heat than it, reducing or eliminating cooling requirements. Read More

  • China Cylinder Rod Manufacturer


    As a Cylinder Rod Manufacturer, share with you. The cylinder rod is the only external part that can’t be painted. Because of this, it has to be protected in other ways. In order for the cylinder to work well the coating has to be completely smooth. The cylinder rod needs to be highly resistant to pitting, corrosion or wear. Any cracks can scrape on seals, causing contamination to enter the hydraulic fluid and leading to eventual hydraulic system breakdown. Read More

  • Modern-Day Applications of Hydraulics


    As a Hydraulics Manufacturer, share with you. As the 20th century washed in, so did new, varied uses for hydraulics. Hydraulics are popular systems because they are adaptable, offering flexible hoses and small tubing, along with many different actuator types. The high-power density doesn’t hurt either. Read More

  • What Is The Difference Between Pumps And Motors


    As a Pumps And Motors Manufacturer, share with you.While a hydraulic pump is connected to a prime mover, with the pump shaft with no extra radial load, the hydraulic motor is connected to the load via pulleys, sprockets and gears, so its main shaft can bear an increased radial load. Read More

  • What Are Hydraulics And Pneumatics


    Both pneumatics and hydraulics are applications of fluid power. Pneumatics use an easily compressible gas such as air or other sorts of suitable pure gas—while hydraulics uses relatively incompressible liquid media such as hydraulic or mineral oil, ethylene glycol, water, or high temperature fire-resistant fluids. Read More

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