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China Vane Pumps Manufacturers

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There are many variations of vane pumps available between manufacturers. They all work on similar design principles. A slotted rotor is coupled to the drive shaft and turns inside of a cam ring that is offset or eccentric to the drive shaft. Vanes are inserted into the rotor slots and follow the inner surface of the cam ring as the rotor turns.

The vanes and the inner surface of the cam rings are always in contact and are subject to high amounts of wear. As the two surfaces wear, the vanes come further out of their slot. Vane pumps deliver a steady flow at a high cost. Vane pumps operate at a normal viscosity range between 14 and 160 cSt at operating temperature. Vane pumps may not be suitable in critical high-pressure hydraulic systems where contamination and fluid quality are difficult to control. The performance of the fluid’s antiwear additive is generally very important with vane pumps.

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