A6VM107 Hydraulic Piston Motor
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A6VM107 Hydraulic Piston Motor

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  • A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor is series 71 motor. A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor has variable displacement with axial piston rotary group of bent axis design.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor drives in open and closed circuits.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor is suitable for both mobile and industrial applications.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor has wide control range of the variable displacement and allows it to meet the requirements of high speed and high torque.The displacement of A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor is infinitely variable in the range Vg max to Vg min = 0.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor’s output speed is proportional to flow and inversely proportional to displacement.

The output torque of A6VM 107 hydraulic piston motor increases with the pressure drop between the high and low pressure sides and with increasing displacement.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor has wide control range for hydrostatic drives.A6VM107 hydraulic piston motor has various control and regulating devices.A6VM 107 hydraulic piston motor is cost saving through elimination of gearbox and possibility of using smaller motors.

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