A6VE80 Hydraulic Piston Motor
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A6VE80 Hydraulic Piston Motor

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A6VE80 A6VE107 A6VE160 A6VE250 all are hydraulic piston motor.A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor has complete unit, ready assembled and tested.A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor is easy to assemble with simply plugs-in to mechanical gearboxes.A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor has no installation tolerances to consider.A6VE80 hyraulic piston motor is used in mobile applications.The output speed of A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor is dependent on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor has series 6 with open and closed circuits.A6VE80 has the axial tapered piston, bent axis design. The working pressure of A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor is up to 400 bar.

The variable displacement plug-in motor A6VE80 is equipped with a standard axial tapered piston rotary group of bent axis design.A6VE80 hydraulic piston plug-in motors are intended primarily for installation in mechanical gearboxes, e.g. track drive gear boxes.The design of the A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor with the mounting flange in the centre of the housing allows it to be almost fully integrated into a mechanical gearbox to give an extremely compact unit.A wide range of highly adaptable control devices of A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor with different control and regulating functions for all important applications.A6VE80 hydraulic piston motor has energy recovery and energy storage with good suction characteristics,good power weight ratio,and low noise level and Long service life.

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