A4V Hydraulic Piston Pump
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A4V Hydraulic Piston Pump

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A4V hydraulic piston pump is used on drilling,concrete pump truck,metal recyling ,engineering,construction and mining machinery, metallirgical equipment and shipbuilding,water conservancy and environmental protection machinery.

The A4V hydraulic piston pump is a variable dlsplacement pump of axial piston,swashplate design for hydrostatic transmisslons in closed circults.

A4V hydraulic piston pump flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement is infinitely variable.A4V hydraulic piston pump output flow inereases with swivel, angle from 0 to its maxi-mum value swivelling.A4V hydraulic piston pump of the swashplate over centre causes smooth reversal of the direction of flow.

The various control and regulating functions are catered for by the wel-matched range of control and regulating devices.

A4V hydraulic piston pump is equpped with a pair of crossline rellef valves to protect the high pressure side of the hydromatic transmission from overload. These valves also act as boost inlet valves.

In the standard model, the A4V hydraulic piston pump is supplied with a built-on auxiliary pump, which acts as boost supply and pilot pump.Maximum boost pressure is limited by a built-in pressure re-lief valve.

As standard, filtration of the suction line of the boost pump is recommended. If required, however, filtration may be in the boost pressure line, via either a line mounted or direct moun-ted filter.

Variable pumps type A4V can be suppled with a through dri-ve, which may be used for mounting a further gear pump as an additional boost pump (for installation with leakage greater than 70% of the output flow of the auxiliary pump), or for mounting a further variable pump type A10V, which may be used to power a separate circuit.

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