A2VK28 Hydraulic Pump
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A2VK28 Hydraulic Pump

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A2VK28 hydraulic pump is magnetic coupling and mixing head of high pressure polyrethane foam metering piston pump.Besides the A2VK28,there is A2VK12,A2VK55 and A2VK107.

  • A2VK28 hydraulic pump has the high metering accuracy and reproducibility of the variable pumped volumes.

  • A2VK28 hydraulic pump robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral precision measuring scale.The operating pressure of A2VK28 hydraulic pump is up to 250 bar.

  • A2VK28 hydraulic pump has low pulsation of the pumped medium with low noise.

  • A2VK28 hydraulic pump has excellent volumetric efficiency for high metering accuracy.

  • For A2VK28 hydraulic pump,there is double shaft seals with buffer fluid ports to guarantee safe operation (and protect the environment) with corrosion protection.

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