A10VG45 Hydraulic Pump
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A10VG45 Hydraulic Pump

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A10VG45 hydraulic pump is variable axial piston pump that has swash plate which is designed for hydrostatic closed circuit transmission.Flow of A10VG45 hydraulic pump is proportional to drive speed and displacement and that is infinitely variable.

The output flow of A10VG45 hydraulic pump increases with the swivel angle of the swash plate from 0 to its maximum value.The flow direction of A10VG45 hydraulic pump changes smoothly when the swash plate is moved through the neutral position.A wide range of highly adaptable control devices from A10VG45 hydraulic pump is available for different control and regulating functions.

A10VG45 hydraulic pump is equipped with two pressure-relief valves on the high pressure ports to protect  the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload.

The high-pressure relief valves from A10VG45 hydraulic pump also function as boost valves.The integrated boost pump acts as a feed and control oil pump.The maximum boost pressure of A10VG45 hydraulic pump is limited by a built-in boost pressure relief valve.

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